raising the benchmarks of excellence

Over 100 landmarks... this is just the beginning

Ever since our beginning in 1976, we have been driven by the belief that excellence must be a continuous process. With each day, we raise our standards by bringing innovation, quality, transparency and commitment to delivering every promise made.

Residential & commercial project's list
Amber Malad (Malad) Res./Retail
Anuradha (Andheri) Residential
Anupam (Andheri) Residential
Anookul (Andheri) Residential
Asha Deep (Andheri) Res./Retail
Aradhana (Andheri) Res./Retail
Ashakiran (Vile Parle) Residential
Anant (Vile Parle) Residential
ACME Shopping Center (Malad) Res./Retail
Anand Dham (1,2) (Andheri) Res./Retail
Pranjam (Vile Parle) Residential
ACME Plaza 1 (Andheri) Commercial
Atlantis (Andheri) Res./Retail
Asmeet (Vile Parle) Residential
Asha Deep (Vile Parle) Residential
Ashish (Vile Parle) Residential
Aalap (Vile Parle) Res./Retail
Anisha (Vile Parle) Residential
Ekdanti (Vile Parle) Residential
Aakar (Vile Parle) Residential
Ashaniketan (Vile Parle) Residential
ACME Ghar (Vile Parle) Residential
Avon Gandhi Bhavan (Vile Parle) Residential
Abhay (Vile Parle) Residential
ACME Solitaire (Goregaon) Commercial
Akshay Girikunj II (Andheri) Residential
Akshay Girikunj III (Andheri) Residential
Ascent Residency 1 (Andheri) Residential
Akanksha 1 & 2 (Goregaon) Residential
Amartaru 3 (Andheri) Residential
Aditya Apt. (Andheri) Residential
ACME Enclave 1 (Goregaon) Residential
ACME Enclave 2 (Goregaon) Residential
Shiv Shankar (Vile Parle) Residential
Akanksha 1 (Goregaon) Residential
Akanksha 2 (Goregaon) Residential
Ascent Residency 2 (Andheri) Residential
Apna Ghar 1 (Goregaon) Residential
ACME Angan (Vile Parle) Residential
Krishna Kunj (Bhuleshwar) Residential
ACME Complex 1 (Goregaon) Residential
Ascent Residency 3, 4 (Andheri) Residential
ACME Elite (Andheri) Res./Retail
ACME Harmony (Andheri) Residential
Amartaru 1 & 2 (Andheri) Residential
ACME Commercial Center (Kandivali) Commercial
Ashwamegh (Vile Parle) Residential
Akshay Girikunj I (Andheri) Residential
Anand Dham (3,4) (Andheri) Res./Retail
Aditya Apt. (Andheri) Residential
Apna Ghar 2 (Goregaon) Residential
ACME Regency (Vile Parle) Res./Retail
ACME Complex 2-B (Goregaon) Residential
Shree Ganesh (Andheri) Residential
Apna Ghar 3 (Goregaon) Residential
ACME I - Tech Park (Andheri) Commercial
Amartaru 7-A (Andheri) Residential
Amartaru 7-B (Andheri) Residential
ACME Center (Andheri) Commercial
ACME Amrut (Dahisar) Res./Comm.
ACME Suryadarshan (Andheri) Residential
ACME Sweet 16 (Andheri) Residential
ACME Legacy (Vile Parle) Residential
Juhu Nanddeep (Juhu) Residential
ACME Industrial Park (Goregaon) Commercial
Amartaru 4 (Andheri) Residential
ACME Mall (Santacruz) Commercial
Amartaru 5 (Andheri) Residential
Akhileshwar (Andheri) Residential
ACME Complex 2 (Goregaon) Residential
ACME Complex 2-A (Goregaon) Residential
Ankur (Vile Parle) Residential
ACME Plaza (Andheri) Commercial
Avishkar (Andheri) Residential
Amrit (Vile Parle) Residential
Anant Santai (Santacruz) Residential