All about wallpapers!

Crazy about wallpapers?  And why shouldn't one be? They are completely ergonomic and aesthetic interior decoration option when it comes to a home or office. From cartoons, abstract designs, to beautiful landscapes & motivational thoughts; you can choose from a myriad of options. Wallpapers add a bit more color and vibrancy to walls for a quirky look and feel to any space.

Here are a few to consider if you're going the wallpaper way!

1) Size of the room and number of walls - The bigger the size of the room, the more options one can go for. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures on different walls.

2) Furniture - The darker the shade of your furniture, lighter should be the wallpaper. Go for simple and elegant designs. If you want prints, go for white or beige floral designs.

3) Lighting fixtures and fans - If interior décor is antique themed, modern wallpapers won't go well with them when it comes to look and feel. Look for wallpapers that share the same aesthetics as your room decor. You can buy wallpapers based on the lampshades, tables, chairs and other furniture in the room. Take accurate measurements of your walls, length and breadth wise, before buying the wallpaper. The usage of LED Lights and lamps is increasing, so homeowners are making a shift from conventional lighting like CFL and tubelights to white LED's. The white light gets reflected back into a much more vibrant tint from the wallpapers.

Ensure you keep these things in mind!

  1. Measure your walls and multiply the height by the width of each wall in feet
  2. Add measurements of every wall to get the total square foot coverage
  3. Subtract all windows and doors
  4. Examine the roll label for square foot coverage provided by the manufacturer and make sure it is more than your total wall area
  5. Buy an extra roll just to make sure you have enough. In case of a goof up, it is better to have an extra roll that can be returned later, if not used.

Enjoy wallpaper hunting!