Brighten up your home with fantastic colours!

Happy colours, happy home, happy you! Colours add vibrancy & give an innate comfort to your home. Well painted walls add to the aesthetic appeal of any home.

It is said that the best colour is the one that suits you. Find the ones that complement your personality, and make your home an extension of you. Let’s look at some colours that can totally transform your home!

For the red obsessed

Red symbolises love, passion and courage. It is a colour that exudes warmth and draws attention. It has a great emotional impact, making it ideal for the living room. It is a stimulant. It promotes courage and fearlessness. Use red ascent for pillows or a mix of red and white colour for the bathroom, to make it vibrant and aesthetically appealing. Red colour also symbolises frustration, anger, danger and warning. It may be an appealing and strong colour but also rings a bell for danger.

Awesome Orange

This vibrant hue reduces self-consciousness and allows you to express yourself with confidence. Use it in your home when you want to feel younger. It is the colour of laughter and celebration. Add a dash of orange to your kitchen or dining room and use light colour shade on the walls. On the flipside, orange gives a feeling of deprivation, frustration, immaturity and sluggishness.

Sunshine Yellow

Natural light can be enhanced by using a tinge of yellow colour. It’s an ideal for small or nano homes. It exudes warmth, inspiration and joy. Besides sunlight and spirituality, yellow is also associated with wealth. Yellow’s negative aspect gives a feeling of fear, caution, anxiety and frustration.

 Pristine Green

The colour green is about a fresh start and abundance. Its soothing quality is proven to have a therapeutic effect and is suitable for rooms that focus on well-being and rest. It will encourage you to honour your unique talents and manifest them in the material world. Use a table door or have a wall painted green in colour. Usage of green colour gives a feeling of Boredom, Sickness and blandness. It is a bright colour and will not give calming feeling as the greenish is dark hue and which will create boring images or thoughts going on around the mind and make the interior’s look dull.

Basic Blue

The blue colour is of the sea and sky, which dominate the colour. Representing the element of water, blue is ideal for bathrooms.  Play with textures and patterns in the background. On the flip side, blue gives a feeling of coldness, not aggressive and soft-spoken, also uncaring and unappetizing as it’s a calm and soothing colour.

Pretty Pink

Pink is an emotional colour and connotes sensitivity and a caring nature. Hence, it is ideal for bedrooms, as it gives a peaceful touch and makes it look lively. Pink also creates a feeling of being eccentric, nonconforming and outrageous.

Pure White or Jet Black

“White is associated with purity and elegance, while black is associated with negativity and power. If you are not happy with a plain white wall, then, you can opt for different shades of white. This option make makes rooms appear bigger. Black is also associated with superstitions, evil, isolation, unfriendliness and emptiness. It can be balanced with using a mix of black and white furniture.


While painting a room, do not use more than three colours for any space, including neutrals. All that is required is a little planning, to find a colour that best suits your room. After all, you want the right mood in a room, as it impacts not just your own feelings, but also that of everyone who enters it.

          Tips on painting a large room

  • Bright colours add a positive vibe and make the surrounding more energetic. Younger children, in particular, tend to favour bright colours like yellow, orange and red.
  • Warm colours can make a large room seem cosier, while small bedrooms can be made to appear larger, with cooler shades.
  • Metallic finishes, such as gold, bronze, glitter or pearl red, silver and blue, add a bold look. Non-metallic finishes, which are minimalistic, along with geometric or trendy patterns, exude elegance and give a subtle, artistic feel to a space.
  • Living rooms painted in a triadic scheme (for example, using three distinctly different colours like blue, yellow and red), tend to be very vibrant and energetic and depict youthfulness and freshness.

Painting a small room?

  • Yellow, pink and lavender, are ideal for small-sized bedrooms.
  • Light yellows, with green and peach or pink accents, and blue and sea green shades, are light yet, bright colours. These colours are a great way to beat the summer heat, while maintaining a cosy feel.
  • You can also paint one wall in a small bedroom with a darker shade, to differentiate it from the other walls in the room. The darker wall will seem to recede, creating an illusion of space.
  • You can also paint the walls using stripes of alternating but similar colours. These stripes can be vertical or horizontal and three to five inches wide.

Home owners can opt for interior decorators, or go DIY by looking at magazines before selecting the look and feel of their home. The world is your oyster, and you’ve got all the colours in the world to experiment with.