Mason Jars, DIY and Color Significance

Mason Jars – invented in Philadelphia by a tinsmith John Landis Mason, while designs were patented in 1858. The world is currently in a frenzy about the same, but it’s not the first time that mason jars became so popular. These little glass wonders became popular in the early 19th century as glass articles could be bleached and allowed canners to see what’s inside.

Mason jars are repurposed into everything from salad containers to vases to toothbrush holders and occasionally to preserve food as well.

DIY: Rainbow Jars

Things Required: Set of Mason Jars, Food Coloring, Newspapers, Mod Podge, Gloves


1) Mix food colouring with water to create colour combination

2) Add Mod podge. Mod podge basically gives a shape and design to Mason jar

3) Add one ramekin of colour into jar to incorporate all together

4) With a bowl underneath, twist jar around coating whole inside Mod Podge. Pour excess into a bowl

5) Let your jar dry for 30 minutes, do same for other colour jars

6) Preheat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius and then heat in oven for 20 min and the remove it and let it dry

7) If there are streaks left, continue to let the jars dry out in the oven. Give about 20 minutes, and once dried, the streaks will disappear too

DIY: Sewing Kit Mason jar:

1) Using the lid of the Mason jar, draw a circle onto the fabric about 1 inch wider than jar lid. Cut out the circle.

2) Place the lid directly on top of the middle of fabric. Place a line of hot glue and start to fold fabric over the glue, bunching as you go.

3) Continue in same manner until 1/4th of lid left.

4) Stuff the cotton ball inside top of lid, till it swells up and even.

5) Seal up last section with fabric.

6) Make a line glue along outer lid.

7) Press the pin cushion lid and let it dry.

8) Fill inside of jar, with sewing essentials and use when in need. Your Mason jar sewing kit is ready.








Tranquility, Love, Loyalty, Security, Love, Intelligence


Love, Energy, Power, Strength, Passion, Heat


Friendly, Earthy, Outdoorsy, Longetivity, Conservative


Money, Growth, Fertility, Freshness, Healing


Healthy, Happy, Feminine, Compassion, Sweet, Playful


Tan / Beige
Dependable, Flexible, Crisp, Conservative


Royalty, Nobility, Spirituality, Luxury, Ambition


Bright, Energy, Creativity, Sun, Intellect, Happy


Security, Reliability, Intelligence, Solid


Spiritual, Healing, Protection, Sophisticated


Courage, Confidence, Friendliness, Success


Goodness, Innocence, Purity, Fresh, Clean


Glamourous, High Tech, Graceful, Sleek


Wealth, Prosperity, Value, Tradition


Protection, Dramatic, Classy, Formal

In conclusion, a mason jar is an ideal accessory to be a part of your home. Mason Jars are classy, easy to make and add vibrancy to your living space.