The Best Home Loans for your Dream House

While there are thousands of home loan options to choose from when investing in your new home, each with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, the best scheme is one that provides an affordable interest rate along with good, efficient services. Although, with newer schemes coming up in the market every day, it gets equally difficult to pick the one that suits us best.

Here are two basic, important things one must look into before applying for a home loan:

  • Interest Rates on Home Loans
    An average interest rate starts from 8.3%, but it doesn’t generally mean that’s the rate you’ll get. The interest you receive depends on multiple variables, including your age, income, other EMIs you might be paying, etc.

  • Eligibility Criteria
    Simply put, this decides whether you can apply for a loan or not. For most banks, this criterion is the same, however, you can check with your preferred bank for the specifics. You can also check your availability with the Home Loan Eligibility Calculator.


If you are planning on investing in your dream home in communities and townships like Hiranandani, Acme Housing, Oberoi or Lodha, here are a few banks that provide the best loan assistance.

  • Axis Bank
  • Indiabulls Home Loans
  • ICICI Bank
  • PNB Housing
  • State Bank of India
  • HDFC Home Loans
  • Corporation Bank