Emerging Self-Sustaining Projects in Mumbai

We live in a world of instant gratification. We want things and facilities to materialise in front of us, as soon as we think of them. This impulse, clubbed with the instantaneous services that a digital world provides – where we get answers, contact people across the globe, and order facilities, with the click of a button – leads to a need for every space we occupy to be gratifying zones.

This is where housing development projects have stepped in.

In a city like Mumbai, where one thinks twice before leaving the house, for fear of getting stuck in traffic, it becomes all the more important to have such self-sustaining projects. But what does a self-sustaining project even mean?

Let me give you a scenario.

Imagine you’re on the 32nd floor of a building in a gated society, and you run out of milk at night. Or worse, you have a plumbing emergency! We all know what a chore it is to schedule the perfect slot for plumbers, carpenters or even deliverymen to arrive. And God forbid they don’t have change for your cash! (Or don’t take cards – in a digital India, of all places!)

What are the odds you’ll end up postponing your chores? Unfortunately, very high.

Now imagine another scenario, where you run out of milk and face a plumbing emergency at night. But instead of postponing these chores, you simply dial a number and have the plumber at your door in 10 minutes – and by the time he fixes your leaks, you’ve run down to a store stone’s throw away, and bought your milk (and a midnight snack!).

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

A self-sustaining project isn’t a distant dream anymore. Housing developments are now looking at full-fledge townships and integrated smart cities, to provide their residents with. We have live examples of such units in Mumbai, equipped with departmental stores, gyms, cafes, chemists, spas (!) and home-maintenance professionals within the compound. Some of the projects that provide such facilities are Hiranandani projects in Powai and Thane, and Palava City by Lodha, and Acme Housing in Andheri, Kandivali and Thane.

So the next time you think of investing in your dream home, give a self-sustaining township a serious thought. You’ll thank me later!