While the ACME Group is giving Mumbai city a new look, their logo just got a make-over too!

Retaining Values, Redefining Cities

As the great Socrates once said, 'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.'

Having served the real estate industry for four decades, the team at Acme felt the need to make a small yet significant change to keep their brand's identity in sync with the future.

Lord Ganesha, the bestower of boons, the remover of obstacles and the one whom we worship at the start of all things auspicious, is the light that steers the Acme Group towards success and fulfillment.

Acme has been instrumental in changing Mumbai's skyline over 4 decades, one home at a time, and is now a reputable name in the world of real estate. Change has been a constant and essential part of the its journey.

Change sometimes means a complete evolution and a turnaround - the old transforming into something new, unique and special.

2015 was a transformational year for the company. Projects were scaled up from 4-storey, stand-alone buildings to mini townships which comprised of as many as a thousand flats. The team, the approach and the execution became more efficient, refined and upgraded.

To synchronize its identity with this transformation, a new logo was born.

It is rare for a brand as old as this to alter its identity. But the Acme Group has chosen to tread this route, in order to adapt, while still adhering to its core beliefs and values. While the guiding force, the light and the hand that leads the Acme Group continues to be Lord Ganesha, His avatar has transformed.

A home spells Happiness. It is our sanctum, away from the rest of the world, where we celebrate being a family. Every home is meant to be sacred, and that can only happen with the grace of the Creator.

With the belief that every Acme home is blessed by Lord Ganesha Himself, the team invites you to seek and find your dream home, right here.